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VAT Registration


As per UAE VAT Law, registration is mandatory for all those business that meet the mandatory turnover thresh hold limit, i.e., AED 375,000/- per annum and this includes sale of goods or services made and delivered by an entity.


For the voluntary registration can be applied. If the taxable supply exceeds AED 187,500/- per year. Taxable supply includes all sales, imports value and taxable expenses.


The registration can be applied online on the website of by uploading the required documents as per UAE VAT Law.


Federal Tax Authorities will review the application for registration and will allot the Tax Registration Number (TRN).


Two or more entities which meet the requirements of UAE VAT Law to become eligible for group registration can apply for group registration and they will get one TRN for all entities, if they meet the required criteria.


What we do:


We can help the clients in the process of registration with the Federal Tax Authorities.