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VAT Consultancy


From the 1 st of January 2018, Value Added Tax (VAT) has come into effect in the UAE. If, as a business, you have not yet planned for VAT, it is imperative that you should plan for the impact of VAT over your business right now.


All the businesses may not be geared up to meet the requirements of the VAT Law. It is imperative that the businesses get expert services to enable themselves to be VAT compliant.


What we do:


Our VAT consultancy includes the following:


VAT Registration


  • Provide assistance with registration of business entities individually or as a group.


Business Impact Analysis


  • This includes assessing the VAT readiness of the entity and implications of VAT on business transactions.
  • Identifying gaps in the existing system.
  • Mapping of transactions based on the VAT Law.
  • Studying the impact on working capital.


VAT Implementation and Transitional Support


  • Structuring transaction flows and helping to create operating model for the entity.
  • Assist in aligning business practices with VAT regulations.
  • Handholding through initial phase.
  • Selection of accounting software.


Transaction Advisory


  • Provide guidance for industry specific transactions.
  • Provide guidance for treatment of international transactions and its VAT implication.
  • Recommending best business practices prevailing in the industry.
  • Advising and developing transaction flows.


VAT Compliance


  • VAT Health check-up.
  • Submission of VAT returns.
  • Guidance in preparation of books of accounts and other accounting records as per VAT Laws.


VAT Training


  • Organize and provide training to the finance, sales and management of different entities catering to specific industries. Our training package covers the following key areas:
  • Applicability of VAT for the business (Relevant provisions pertaining to the business are discussed).
  • Recording of VAT related transactions.
    Accounting for reverse charges.
  • Preparation & submission of return.
  • Maintenance of accounting documents & other supporting documents.


VAT Accounting


VAT system is transaction based taxation system which requires accurate recording of revenue, costs, output VAT, and input VAT etc. A good accounting system with proper controls is the need of the hour. Our Team of professional accountants will help you in establishing the controls and maintain accurate books of accounts in compliance with the VAT Laws.