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Backlog Accounting


A backlog is a buildup of work that needs to be completed and backlog accounting is the process to records previous periods financial and non-financial records in order to see the true picture of the financial performance for the previous periods and to smooth the work for the future.


Objectives of Backlog Accounting


  • To see the true picture of financial performance of previous periods
  • Classification of Accounts
  • Recording of Sales & Purchase
  • Recording of Expenses
  • Maintaining a confirmed record for Accounts Receivables
  • Maintaining a confirmed record for Accounts Payables
  • Recording of current and Non-current assets
  • Recording of current and Non-current liabilities
  • Recording of Equity related accounts


What we do


  •  Establish and maintain a proper chart of accounts of your business
  •  Bulk processing of prior period transactions
  •  Classification of Accounts
  •  Maintaining ledgers of Accounts Receivables
  •  Maintaining ledgers of Accounts Payable
  •  Recording and segregation of Current &  Non-current assets
  •  Recording and segregation of Current & Noncurrent liabilities
  •  Maintaining ledgers of sales & purchase
  •  Recording &  segregation of expenses
  •  Maintaining Equity records. ledgers
  •  Crystallize supplier credit period
  •  Crystallize receivable duration
  •  Clearly record and maintain your refundable deposits and guarantees
  •  Identify Prepaid expenses and set up amortization schedules
  •  Provide financial statements for the prior period ( Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Annually
  •  Help businesses to maintain records in the absence of historical records
  • Reconcile cash and bank balances
  •  Provide guidance for ongoing record maintenance.