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Risk Management


Risk management is the process of identifying any potential threats that may occur during any process and doing anything possible to mitigate or eliminate those dangers.


Objectives of Risk Management


  • Minimize threats and enhance opportunities.
  • Identify, evaluate, mitigate and control risks.
  • Determine key risk indicators (KRI) and key performance indicators (KPI) to align effort to meet organizational strategic goals.
  • Do SWOT analysis to determine e overall organization’s strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats
  • Although not a part traditionally, but contribute overall for business continuity.
  • Find the major threats to an organization or projects or any business area and align resources to reduce the impact.


What we do


  • Identify characterize threats.
  • Assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats.
  • Determine the risk (i.e. the expected likelihood and consequences of specific types of attacks on specific assets).
  • Identify ways to reduce those risks.
  • Prioritize risk reduction measures.