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Investment Appraisals



Investment appraisal is a collection of techniques used to identify the attractiveness of an investment.


An evaluation of the attractiveness of an investment proposal, using methods such as average rate of return, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), or payback period.


Investment appraisal is an integral part of capital budgeting (see capital budget), and is applicable to areas even where the returns may not be easily quantifiable such as personnel, marketing, and training.




Purpose of Investment Appraisals


The purpose of investment appraisal is to assess the viability of project, programme or portfolio decisions and the value they generate. In the context of a business case, the primary objective of investment appraisal is to place a value on benefits so that the costs are justified.



What we do


We have professional qualified staff having a vast experience to guide the clients for making a right decision while making investment and we use normally the following approaches for the right direction:


  • Payback Approach
  • Accounting Rate of Return (‘ARR’)
  • Net Present Value (‘NPV’)
  • Internal Rate of Return (‘IRR’)