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Investigation/Forensic Audit


Whenever there is an unusual, suspect or fraudulent activity going on in an organization, it calls for an investigation into the matter. This kind of an investigation is termed as investigative audit or forensic audit. It involves the thorough scrutinizing of the financial records of an organization, in order to trace the suspect and his/her assets.


Objectives of Investigation


The basic objective of an investigative auditing is to identify the suspects, determine the financial irregularities, obtain substantial evidence against the suspect, present the case in the court of law, and provide suitable recommendations for the prevention of such frauds in the future. Generally, an investigative auditor is known as a forensic auditor, who specializes in the investigation of audits of a company. We have experienced forensic auditors who exclusively look into the investigative matters prevailing in a company.


What we do


  •  Examining the suspected financial and operational procedures of the organization.
  • Assistance in fraud prevention by conducting investigative review.
  • Preparation of report based upon investigation findings.