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Due Diligence Audit


Due diligence is an audit or investigation, which a company of the potential product or investment conducts. It reviews all financial records. It is a final precaution measure one undertakes, before entering into an agreement with another party.


Types Due Diligence




This form of due diligence ensures that there is no involvement of legal issues in business investment or procurement.




This due diligence focuses on making sure that seller’s firm does not hold any past tax liability that may be passed on to the acquiring firm




This form of due diligence assists the prospective purchaser to get an analysis of the operational aspects of the target company.


Intellectual Property


This form studies the various intellectual properties that the company may own.




This form aims at gaining an understanding of the market which the target company operates in.


Information Technology


This form assists in identifying if there are any information technology concerns in the target entity.


Human Resources


The human resources due diligence understands the impact of human capital on the planned deal.



What we do


  • Develop a program specifying business purpose of the acquisition, critical goals and objectives.
  • Designate a team of professionals with right combination of experience.
  • Set up a timetable for completing each step of the assignment.
  • Set up the criteria on what and how information will be collected and retained.
  • Develop a pragmatic approach to document conversations, documents received and analysis performed.
  • Issues are identified and communicated as and when discovered and always prior to the issuance of our written report.